Why Professional Day Nursery Education Matters

As a parent, it gets very hard to juggle taking care of your child and managing finances. You want your child to get the best care and you just know in your heart that you can’t trust anyone else to do it, besides if you want something done well you better do it yourself.

Nurseries however will do their very best to look after your child should you decide to use them. Why you ask? You think that maybe your child will get harmed and so many questions riddled with uncertainty are running through your mind. Nurseries however, prove to ease your child’s transition into school and here’s why professional day nursery education matters.

As your child grows it is essential for them to learn how to interact with their peers. This is not particularly achievable if you have a nanny or a grandparent taking care of your child until they are five years of age. Nursery gives your child a chance to grow and express themselves. A study which was done in 2013 by the University of London showed that children who had spent a lot of time in nursery school, three years or more, were at a position to advance academically much faster than those who hadn’t or those who had spent less time there.

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Professional Day Nursery institutions swear by the EYFS. It stands for the Early Years Foundation Stage. A method was devised by child experts and parents to ensure that children get the most out of the nursery education as they are in this stage, and attain skills that will assist them in the primary school curriculum. The system provides a secure, happy, fun, exciting environment which is essential for children between the ages of two and five. The experts in day care centres follow the areas of learning stipulated by the system and convey them to the children in an enjoyable, fun and playful manner.

All of the following areas can be found at https://www.littlehandslittlefeet.org/ nursery. The first area is physical development. Here children learn the importance of healthy diets and it won’t be such a struggle for you to get them to eat their greens, they also learn coordination and movement. Numeracy, reasoning and problem solving where the children learn how to use bigger words and learn their numbers using fun games. Emotional, social and personal development. Placing your child in a scene where they can involve themselves in activities which build their interactions and also develops an urge to learn will surely benefit them in the long run and in turn benefit you as the parent.

There is also the development of creativity. When your child involves themselves in activities such as role play, dance, acting, music and art it will help them identify what it is that they love and passion that is sown early will help them mould their future and in the long term assist their career choices. Included is also the aspect of language, literacy and communication. Day nursery gives your child the chance to communicate with their peers, learn the basics of writing, improve their grammar by listening to stories and also speaking activities.

Your child also gets to understand the world by basic science experiments, ICT skills and learning about the environment in general. All the characteristics of the system explained above work together to give your child a sense of independence and confidence. It gives your child emotional and social skills which are essential for their future. With communication and learning from each other the children get to experience life from a different perspective and learn how to get their own voice.

Your child will learn through play and there is nothing more beneficial for a child that age than to play and also learn in the process. The advantages associated with day nurseries are endless. By the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, your child will have achieved all these goals stipulated by all the regions of learning. It is alright to have reservations regarding sending your child to a day nursery, heck all parents do! However, it is for their betterment and benefit and therefore as a parent you should consider it as a viable investment. This could turn out to be the best decision you make for your child.

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