Is Your Teen Using Pot? Look Out for These Signs:

Would you know if your teenaged son or daughter was smoking pot? Most of us pride ourselves on being cool moms, but just as music has come a long way from the cassette tapes we used to buy called “singles,” marijuana use has changed drastically since we were teenagers.

Teens are now less likely to smoke joints, and more likely to try other forms of marijuana use, making it important that you know what to look for in your child’s room, if you get concerned and decide to do a search.

Some of these items include:

  • Easily mistaken for vases, bongs are usually glass pipes that are used to filter marijuana smoke; however, the ones you could find in your teen’s room may not be made of glass. Teens can be like MacGyver when it comes to making their own weed pipes out of everyday objects. If you find any odd items in your teen’s room, smell them and look for any particles of dry herbs. It doesn’t have to be big either; some people use a smaller version of a bong, called a bubbler, to get high.

  • If you find a small two, three, or four-piece circle made out of plastic, wood, or metal and outfitted with teeth, you might be looking at a weed grinder. This device is used to grind up herbs for use in a marijuana vaporizer or for rolling in a joint.

  • Baggies and Jars. While your child probably won’t leave full marijuana storage containers lying around, you might find some empties in his or her room. Many teens will use simple plastic baggies for dry herb storage, or small glass or plastic jars for marijuana waxy oils Yes, you read that right. Kids can get high using cannabis oil and hashish wax. The stuff is similar in color to olive oil but is usually thicker.

  • Vape Pens. A vape pen is a device used to vaporize marijuana. It will look like a long thin pen with a tapered Vaping is becoming a very popular way for teenagers to use pot because it doesn’t leave behind a smoky odor. In fact, your teen could vape with a vapor pen (see vaporplants for examples) in his or her room without you knowing. Larger battery-operated vaporizers, called portable vaporizers, may also be used by teens. These come in many different shapes and sizes. Some even look like giant Zippo lighters, flashlights, and drinking flasks.

  • If you find a digital scale in your teen’s room, this is a major red flag. It indicates that your teen may be involved in the sale of drugs, not just in drug use.

So what should you do if you find an item that you suspect is linked with drug use? First of all, get over the idea that your kiddo would never do drugs. Teens, even so- called “good ones”, try drugs all the time. Approach the topic, being wary of feeble excuses. Be honest. Be upfront, and make sure your teen knows where you stand on drug use, and what the consequences are for breaking your rules.