This is basically a new concept growing rapidly to build a trampoline below the ground. It looks lot more beautiful and is also safer than the typical trampoline installed by the people. Still you have to take care of certain other things to fulfill your plan of planting a trampoline in your back yard according to the needs of your family. You need to take special care while building an in ground trampoline how to from GetTrampoline which are as under.

At first place an in ground trampoline needs digging a space up to 3-4 feet. This needs to be done carefully and not to bump into some kind of rocks or utilities like gas, electric etc. You can take information regarding it from your city planning office.


An in ground trampoline needs to be given special care for the proper drainage of rain water from gardening and snow etc. If this point is not given proper attention it will create a great hurdle to the overall health of your kids as stagnant and stale water in your backyard becomes a home to the insects.


Some people think these trampolines are safer. So they are less likely to get injured. For this they don’t consider much the safety enclosure as they think the jumper is closer to the ground. But in reality if safety enclosures are not given much attention they are more likely to fall on hard ground. Also the extra space left between trampoline and retaining walls starts leaving space for small limbs to get caught while falling on it or even while entering or leaving the trampoline.


Some people have a misconception that building an in ground trampoline will be as bouncy as an above ground trampoline, which is not true. If a trampoline does not allow proper air flow it will be uncomfortable and hard. Proper air flow is necessary and must be given due attention, while building an in ground trampoline for, proper ventilation.

Maintenance of the trampoline

Installing an in ground trampoline need a lot of attention to be given to its maintenance for the safety of your kids. It needs to be checked on regular basis. Regular frame, spring and jumping mat checks need regular and proper maintenance on daily basis. It may seem hard to you as many of its key components become inaccessible to you after installation.