When to Take Away the Car Keys from Your Teen

Having a teen in the family driving for the first time can be quite the experience for many parents.

For some in this situation, they are happy that their son or daughter is taking a big step in life to get behind the wheel. Others, well they are a little more than frazzled their loved one will be out there on the roads with other drivers.

When it comes to your teen and driving, make sure they know the responsibility in having a driver’s license.

That said will there be a time when you may have to take the car keys away from them?

Teaching Your Teen Driving Responsibility

So that your teen gets it when it comes to being a responsible driver, sit them down and have a heart-to-heart talk.

Once they have their driver’s license, they are now able to drive, though some restrictions may apply.

Before they ever turn the ignition on in the family vehicle, go over the following:

  • Road responsibility – Being on the road with thousands of others comes with responsibilities. Your teen must get the fact that they can’t always do what they want on the road. There are laws they must adhere to, so go over them many times if need be. By being responsible, your teen is much more likely to avoid any accidents;
  • Staying engaged – Driving around town can be a harrowing experience for some. With all that is going on, it can become easy to lose concentration. Remind your teen that he or she needs to stay engaged with what is happening around them. This means not losing focus by getting on a cell phone or talking too much to their friends in the vehicle.
  • Not acting out – It is no big surprise that some teens like to act out on occasion. While that may be permissible around the house or with friends, it isn’t a good idea when driving. Only one act of road rage can prove to be one too many. Make sure your teen always remembers to avoid confrontations with other drivers. The rewards of acting out are few and far between. In most cases, only something bad will come out of it.
  • Taking care of the vehicle – Last, whether the family vehicle or your teen went out and got one, they need to take care of it. From maintenance to keeping it clean, remind them of the responsibility they have. A well-maintained vehicle not only will last them for years, but will help protect them when out on the roads.

Learn from Mistakes

In the event your teen causes an accident due to a mistake, you might have to limit their driving access for a time. If you do, make sure you let them know that it is for learning, not because you wanted to punish them.

For some teens with a driver’s license, not having access to a vehicle can be a real wake-up call.

Once your teen appears to have learned his or her lesson, let them drive once again. More times than not, they won’t make the same mistake twice.

Before long, you may have your teen driving you to appointments, errands, and even for family fun time.

Having a teen driver in the home is a learning experience for all involved.

The question becomes, how will you handle such a situation?