Classified Ads Promote Local Businesses

Buying and advertising goods and services through the local classifieds help the economy by keeping money in your community. When you search the scranton classifieds to find a job or buy a used couch, you will contribute directly to the flow of the economy where you live.

Where Can You Find Local Ads in a Connected World?

Conducting local searches online doesn’t necessarily yield local opportunities. For instance, placing ads on Craig’s List or eBay widens the scope of your potential sellers, but it doesn’t do anything to guarantee that your money will feed the infrastructure and tax base of your community.

Traditional Channels

The Times-Tribune covers Scranton and Lackawanna County news and is available online. The paper has classified ad sections in its print and electronic versions. This provides a convenient way to stay local without losing the convenience of the internet.

Staying Local in Cyberspace

Using eBay and Craig’s List can still yield local buyers and sellers. Verify that the person or business posting the classified has a local address. This protects you in a number of ways. Providing an address that is familiar gives you more confidence that the ad is legitimate. If the advertiser is a business, you can check them out in person before applying for a job or buying from them via the classified ad.

Save on Shipping

Buying or selling goods through local classifieds keeps shipping costs down and can drastically reduce the price of a larger product, especially if you can meet in person to make the transaction. Hopefully, this only costs you the gas money to drive a few miles across town.


Yelp isn’t, strictly speaking, for classified ads, but it’s a means for residens to have a say in what local establishments are getting right – or not. Sure, there’s a chance that the only review for a business was posted by the owner’s son or a visitor who passed through town exactly once. However, the greater majority of feedback on the popular review site has proven to be a reliable source of information on local businesses.

Help Build Your Local Infrastructure and Tax Base

If you have to pay local, state and federal taxes, why not does everything you can to keep your tax dollars in your own community? By advertising in the scranton classifieds. you are supporting your city. If you find a job through the classifieds, part of your check goes to build the roads and infrastructure within the city, as well as to fund the schools.


Choosing to use the local classifieds in newspapers or on city radio stations helps guarantee that you are reaching those who live in the area. There will be times when you wish to spread your net further afield. However, if your in the market for real estate, goods or a job near home, chances are pretty good that local ads are an effective marketing and purchasing channel.

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